The Spine was of the most important feature in evolution. There are so many things a vertebrate can do, that an invertebrate simply cannot.

It’s made the physical body so much tougher and capable of innumerable possibilities yet it is very delicate, if you don’t take care of it.


I would say it is something like a very durable car, does a lot of awesome things for you, but you definitely need to service your car when it’s due!


With all this chaos in our lifestyle and the lack of movement that the pandemic has gifted us, I see a sharp rise in the number of people that come to me for relief from back pain. It’s so unfortunate that something that requires very little maintenance has resulted in a chronic pain.


But never fear. It’s not too hard to get rid of back pain. It only requires patience and consistency. 


The “servicing” of your spine is something certain Yogasanas do for you. Yogis were not far behind in recognizing how amazing the spine is and also gave us a prescribed manual on how to take care of it.


Here are some of the many practices in yoga that helps in strengthening your spine.


 Bhujanga means a Cobra. It’s very common known as the Cobra pose in the non-sanskrit speaking population. It is absolutely amazing when it comes to strengthening the back. It is also referred to as a miracle asana for the back by a neuro surgeon I worked with.


To perform this follow the steps:

Urdhwamukha Shwanasana: 

“Urdhwamukha” means upward facing and “Shwana” means a dog. It is common known as an upward dog pose. This is slightly different compared to bhujangasana in that here we lift the entire torso off the ground. It is amazingly beneficial for back pain  and as a bonus, helps you tone the abs and neck as well.


To perform this asana follow these steps:


 “Shalabha” means a locust. The final posture resembles a locust and hence the name. This asana is great if you have lower back pain that radiates to the legs. I personally found this asana relieve back pain instantly.


To perform this asana  follow these steps:

Sethu bandasana:

 Sethu means a bridge and Bandha means a lock. This asana resembles a bridge and hence the name. This is yet another effective asana that strengthens your lower back. As a bonus, it is a great kegel strengthener as well. It also is beneficial for people suffering from thyroid.


To perform this asana, follow these steps:


Back pain is something that most of us suffer from at some point. It’s not enough if you perform these exercises.  Of course, they would relieve you of the pain, but for a permanent solution, you also need to make other changes like keep a good posture, set up your work station ergonomically, keep a check on your weight and also manage stress. Yes! All these are important too.


We have a therapeutic yoga program designed to strengthen the spine. Join the rest of our tribe who have magically healed their back pain through our course!



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