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Once you know what program suits you best, click on the course link and press “Take this course”. You will be taken to the checkout page where you can finish your purchase.

Enter all your details and complete the payment.

Start the program.

Congratulations! You are now able to access the course and start your fitness journey.

All packaged courses are a monthly subscription,  just like u would pay monthly fees in a regular yoga class. There will be lessons daily and you can access videos everyday. Even if you finish 10 classes in the entire month, you will be charged the same subscription fee.

Janani Program

If you are Pregnant, we suggest JANANI program for you.

  • For any other conditions, answer the questionnaire in the Questionnaire Tab. 
  • This tab contains all relevant questions that will help us to determine the nature of practices that will suit you best. This is not a one size fits all. 
  • Each program is designed to address certain conditions and your answers will help us understand you better.
  • Once you complete the questionnaire, the result will be displayed along with the link to access the course that suits you best.

    Packaged Program Structure

    • Each program starts with relatively easy exercises and increases in intensity gradually. 
    • Once you are done with a particular day’s program, press Mark Complete button to access the videos the next day.
    • Each packaged program runs for a couple of months gradually increasing in intensity.
    • Live classes are scheduled once a week for all packaged courses and links will be provided to attend them at the pre determined time.

    Asana correction programs are also available where you will be asked to upload videos of yourself in the website every 10 days. When the prompt appears to upload videos, please do so or you cannot move ahead. We will have a look at the videos and guide you. 

    Short Program Structure

    Short courses run for a couple of days, they are something like a workshop. The videos for short courses will be available for a short duration and is a subset of the packaged programs. They have a few of the asanas or practices from the main packaged courses.

    • After the duration of the course lapses, you will not have access to the program.
    • Live sessions are an add on and will not be provided along with the program.
    • There are no asana correction programs as well.

    Live Classes

    Users can schedule Live classes with the instructor from the calender that will be available. Slots which are available will be displayed and you can choose the slot convenient for you and make the booking. After the booking we will have a class for a time you booked for.