YES! The videos are available 24/7. You can view them any time, any day.

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can even be on Mars and still sign up ! (If you have an internet connection that is!)

NO! You cannot download the videos as they are copyrighted. You can view them with an internet connection.

ABSOLUTELY! You can view the courses on any device where you can open a browser. It works great for Laptops, Tabs and Smart TV as well. To use on Laptop or smart TV, simply go to the browser (preferably google chrome) >go to>click on your course>Sign in>Enter your user name and password. Its that simple!

Not every course will suit you. Take our Course test on our website to find out what course would suit you best. DONOT choose a course on your own. Since this website is mainly for therapeutic purposes, we make sure we understand your history before suggesting anything to you. In case you have a complex condition, definitely call us and talk to us before enrolling into any course.

The courses you pay for can be shared with you partner/kids in case they donot have any serious condition. If they have a medical concern it is ideal if you speak to us before sharing the course with them. Same applies for Elderly clients. If you want to share your course with your parents, make sure you check with us before sharing as some asanas/ practices may not suit elderly patients.

ABSOLUTELY! You can go back and view the videos any number of times. Although we recommend that you finish each days video and move on. We want you to graduate , not stay in High school 😉

If you spoke to us and we specifically told you to skip an asana in any course, Yes, you may skip the said asana. However, try to wait it out and watch the video of the asana without pressing the skip button so that the mark complete button will get activated.

The mark complete button will get activated only on watching the entire video in full. If the button isn’t working, it may be because you have skipped a video. We see that most clients don’t watch the shavasana video in full. (its just sleeping for 10 mins guys!) make sure u go back and watch the video that uskipped and it will work.

It maybe because you haven’t signed in or you have signed in from a different device or browser. Or you logged out of your account and forgot to sign back in. Go to the Sign in button and sign in with your user name and password. In case it still isn’t working, leave us a message and we will rectify the issue.

If you are planning to use the course after a few days, then sign up for the course when you are ready as each course has an expiration date and the account will get locked after that period. You will then have to pay again to renew the access.

For now we will send you a link to join a group where we will be dropping the video call link for Live sessions. Drop us a message if you have registered for a course and haven’t gotten the access to the Live class group.

Live sessions are a great way to understand if you are practicing the asanas correctly. Sometimes you may think you are doing it correctly but only a therapist can tell you whether you are doing it correctly or not. There will be less chances of injuries if u are corrected of your wrong practices. So, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you attend the live sessions, although not compulsory.

Not everyone is comfortable in a group class particularly when you have a certain condition. If you are one of them, Feel free to contact us for a one to one session. The one to one sessions are chargeable extra.

NO! practice the videos as they are laid out. Once is enough. Although if you feel like staying longer in a posture, you can do so by manually pausing the video.

Once is more than enough. If you have just started out with a course, Chances are that you feel it is too simple and not a lot of physical exertion as you expected. The course is designed in such a way that it gets intense with time. So simply follow the video! 

First of all, Hey! Get back on track! And secondly, yes, your account will get locked if the number of days the course is valid for has lapsed. So you may have to repurchase the program to continue. Do not stop your practice mid way!

If you have missed 2-3 days, its okay to continue the program starting from where u left off. If u missed a week and above, its better u start atleast a week behind the last day you viewed.

When we speak to any patients we make sure we explain to them that consistence is key in healing. That is why we make it clear that you sign up for the course when you are READY. If you paid for the course and did only a few days and it got locked, you will have to repurchase the program and start over. Though it may not sound like something you want to hear, we have kept it this way because we want you to keep up with the program so you get the results. Lets admit it, if we have a program that’s available for life, chances are that you will never start right?

Ideally you can practice either in the morning or evening depending on your schedule. Make sure theres a three hour gap from your last meal and you empty your bowels before you start.

Yes. There is no harm to practice yoga while on your periods. It is also okay to skip a day in case you feel lotta discomfort or pain. 

No. the specification of inhalation or exhalation is only when you are moving your body. After reaching the final posture, you should keep your breath normal.

Yes. Janani course is suitable for all trimesters. However we would advise that you speak to us before enrolling in the course.

It doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not. When you start practicing yoga, you will eventually become flexible.

Yes! The courses do not require prior knowledge in Yoga. You can absolutely sign up!

Shavasana has a lot of amazing properties. It does wonders to the back and it also makes sure that you don’t get too much of soreness due to the practices. So yes, Donot skip Shavasana.

Please do not compare yourself with the instructor. We demonstrate how each asana has to be performed and the final posture. We were just like you or worse than you when we started out. We have worked for over a decade to be where we are now. So its okay ! don’t worry if you are unable to stretch as much as it is demonstrated. Do it to the best of your abilities and most importantly keep your breathing normal.

Yes! It is completely normal to experience shivering when you start off. It is also completely normal to experience shivering when you have resumed practice after a long break. It happens because you muscles are not yet strong enough.

Results may vary but yes, Practicing yoga Aides in weight loss . But please bear in mind that it cannot be guaranteed as weight loss is subject to a lot of factors.

Time taken to lose weight depends on a lot of factors and is highly subjective. Some people may take a few weeks, some a few months and some a few years. Weight loss is a journey and consistence is key. We suggest you to keep at it and not lose track and it will eventually happen and you can see results in the mirror.

Although not compulsory, It would be a great complement to your practice if you have a clean and healthy diet. Diet changes will help in faster results.

If you are able to practice the asanas on the floor, I would suggest that you stick to the program as it is. Although if you are suffering from a condition which doesn’t let you sit comfortably on the floor, you could do the same on the bed or a chair.

If you are unable to sit on the floor, you can perform the same asanas on the bed or chair.

For personal classes you can leave us a message with your requirements and contact us directly and we would be more than glad to take your classes subject to slot openings.